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3rd Channel Innovation Corporation develops innovative fintech and tax compliant solutions to improve end-user experience and promote transparency.

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The 3rd Channel Tax Compliance platform aims to be a complete, practical solution for tax compliance and administration in the Philippines: vendor-agnostic solutions for data capture, transmission, and easy to use applications for taxpayers, and real-time transparency for tax authorities and compliance teams.

Our platform aims to solve some of the most pressing problems in the new digitally transformed landscape of tax:

  • Collecting data (e.g. sales) from various types of software vendors in real-time
  • Storing data and making it easy to analyze and validate
  • Simplifying the overwhelmingly complex requirements for taxpayers
Next Generation Receipts

Make it easy to issue and validate e-receipts to improve compliance

Real-Time Data

Archiving Sales Transaction

Authenticity Seal

Legitimate Receipt